Product Recalls


The Consumer Protection Safety Information Act (CPSIA)

CPSIA, effective February 10, 2009, is a law designed to remove children’s items that contain an unsafe amount of lead. The CPSC recently released a clarification to the law that releases consignment stores from the responsibility of testing items for lead but we are still expected to make every reasonable effort to remove unsafe items and will be held accountable if we do not do so.

Finders Keepers is a strong advocate for children’s safety and we are going to make every effort to be in compliance with this law!

Before you start tagging you must check all your sale items against the CPSC recall list. If any of your items are on the recall list, they ARE NOT to be brought to the sale. When you register online you will sign a Seller’s Agreement that specifically states you have checked the recall list and are not bringing any recalled items.

Click here to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall Listing

Latest Recalls

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