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Thank You!

Thank you in advance for volunteering your valuable time. Finders Keepers would not be possible without the help received from our AWESOME volunteers. We have been blessed with the most AMAZING group of women (and a few men!) who work this sale. We have numerous volunteers that have been with us since Fall 2004 and they are always the first to sign up at each sale. If you have never volunteered before, we hope you will consider doing so. Yes, there are benefits to shopping early, but there is definitely more to it than that. We all have so much fun working the sale and fellowshipping with one another.

We would love for you to join us!

We want to ensure that everyone is served well and that they leave Finders Keepers having a better day than when they arrived. Volunteers help make that happen!


The volunteers’ main job is helping make the sale run smoothly and this is done in various ways. At drop off, they may be putting clothing and items out on the floor after they have been checked for quality. During the sale, volunteers make sure the racks and tables are orderly and tidy. As things sell, we will be consolidating racks and tables for a better presentation. During sorting, volunteers assist in sorting all clothing and items back to consignors. We have a great system for this and it gets done amazingly quickly! 

Most importantly, volunteers make everyone — from a consignor at drop off to a customer at the actual sale — feel like they are Number One! 
We have so much fun at the sale!  
We have volunteers who have been with us since Fall 2004.  We are most appreciative of them and of everyone who volunteers their time.  We know your time is valuable and we are honored you choose to spend a some of it with us.  If you have never volunteered before, give it a shot.  We think you will LOVE it!

Volunteer Program Details and Benefits

A volunteer shift is only 3 hours long. Hopefully this will allow more people an opportunity to volunteer. 
We have a tiered benefit program according to the number of shifts worked.

Traditional Volunteer

  • Consignor fee reduced to $8.00 
  • Works (1) 3-hour shift
  • May shop early on Monday from 6pm – 8pm

Super Volunteer

  • Consignor fee reduced to $8.00 
  • Works (2) 3-hour shifts
  • May enter Volunteer Presale early on Monday at 4pm and may shop until 8pm.  
  • May shop early for the ½ price presale on Friday at 6pm.

Ultra Volunteer

  • Works (3) 3-hour shifts.  (One shift must include Saturday during sorting.)
  • May enter Volunteer Presale early on Monday at 4pm and may shop until 8pm.  
  • May shop early for the ½ price presale on Friday at 6pm.
  • Will also have their consignor fee waived.
  • Participation in this program is limited so sign up early!

All consignors now have to prepay their registration fee

  • Traditional and Super volunteers will receive a $4 refund at the end of the sale
  • Ultra volunteers will receive a full refund of their consignor fee at the end of the sale


  • When working your volunteer shift, please arrive a few minutes early.  Go to the registers and sign in.  There is also a list of volunteer responsibilities that you can read before you get started so that you will know what is needed.
  • We ask that children not accompany you during your shifts or to the Volunteer Presale & Party.
    You can sign your husband up for ANY shift, but there are 2 shifts (one before the sale and one at the end) that only husbands can sign up for. These special shifts will entail assembling/disassembling racks. We have added the shifts, labeled “HUSBAND,” to the shift selections below. 
    • NOTE: Husbands are welcome to volunteer anytime during the sale — we always need help assisting shoppers carrying larger items to their cars.
      REMEMBER!  We’ve added special shifts to the form — Just for husbands!
  • If the available volunteer times don’t fit your schedule,  please email us at info@finderskeepersjax.com and we will be glad to work out a volunteer time with you. 
  • If you need to cancel your shift before the sale, please email us at info@finderskeepersjax.com. If you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible so that we can try to fill your position. Cancellations must be made prior to the beginning of the sale event.
  • If you sign up to volunteer and fail to work your assigned shift, you will not be allowed to volunteer at future sales. If you have a true emergency, exceptions will be made but please contact us as soon as possible.The more notice we have, the better chance we have of filling the vacancy. Thank you for your understanding. This sale runs so smoothly because of our wonderful volunteers and we really need each shift covered adequately.
  • If you are unable to work a regular volunteer shift due to having small children you are unable to leave, or due to a medical condition, we have a few volunteer opportunities that you may be interested in. Please email us directly at info@finderskeepersjax.com for more information.

Would you like to work with us? Click here to go to the Volunteer Registration Page.

Again, THANK YOU so much for volunteering. We appreciate you!

Important Dates

Consignor Registration
June 2 – Aug. 23
Public Sale
Thursday, Aug. 29
Friday, Aug. 30
Half Price Sale
(many items 50% off)
Saturday, Aug. 31

Consignor Registration

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