Accepted Items


  • The 150 pieces of clothing do not include shoes, socks, or bibs.
  • A 2- or 3-piece set, like a shirt and shorts that is grouped as a set on one hanger, counts as one piece.
  • No more than 3 items allowed on one hanger.
    • NOTE: An exception to this is if the items are part of an outfit. (ex. shirt, pants, vest, and a hat)
  • No more than 20 can be size 0 – 6mos.
    • Preemie outfits are not included in the 20-piece limit
    • We are typically over-run with these sizes and have had many complaints from shoppers that these sizes contain duplicate outfits.
    • A group of onesies can be pinned together (and not hung on a hanger) to be placed on a table and DO NOT count towards the limit for 0–6 months.
    • If an item is labeled “6 months,” it will go on the 6-9 month rack and is not subject to the 20-item limit.


Clothing must be seasonally appropriate. Please bring your best gently worn children’s clothing (infant through girls/boys size 18 and teens from size 0 and up)!

Accepted during our Spring/Summer events:

  • Bathing suits
  • Tank tops
  • Holiday attire and accessories – Fourth of July, Easter
  • Seasonally-themed books, games, etc.

Accepted during our Fall/Winter events:

  • Heavy jackets/coats
  • Holiday attire – Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas
  • Halloween Costumes and accessories
  • Seasonally-themed books, games, etc.

Accepted year-round:

  • Jeans are accepted year-round.
  • Teen clothing is accepted! Limit for teen is 25 hung items for teens.
  • Shoes: We are limiting shoes to 8 pairs for children and 4 pairs for teens.
    • NOTE: They must look like new.

We will not accept items that are stained, ripped, faded, or have missing buttons, etc. No out of date styles – it won’t sell!

Other Items

All items should be CLEAN and in working condition!! If an item is missing something (ex., a board game missing a piece) note it on the tag!!

  • Toys, video games, bikes, puzzles (no missing pieces), games, ride-on toys, sporting goods.
  • Books/videos including current home school curriculum.
    • NOTE: CDS, DVDs, etc. Please make sure that the correct item is in the correct case.
  • Batteries must be included in all battery-operated toys.
  • Play equipment (HIGH DEMAND) – MUST be clean!!
    • Examples: Playhouses, picnic tables, etc.
  • Baby equipment such as strollers, swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, etc.
  • Children’s furniture including gliding rockers, chest, beds, changing tables, etc.
  • Cribs, Play Yards, High Chairs, and Strollers
    • These items sell exceptionally well. However, they sell best when assembled. If you plan on bringing a similar item, please allow enough time at drop off to assemble these yourself at the sale. 
  • Crib bedding, children’s bedding & accessories – must be clean and stain-free!
  • Breast pumps (motor only; please remove used tubing).
  • Humidifiers – must be clean and free of mold/mildew. 



After dozens of strangulation and entrapment-related deaths and injuries, the federal government has put its foot down on the subject of drop-sided cribs, proclaiming them illegal for sale in the U.S. In a unanimous vote, the Consumer Product Safety Commission this month decided to make the manufacture, sale and resale of traditional drop-sided cribs illegal. THEREFORE: We will no longer accept drop-sided cribs.


  • Clothing which is outdated (e.g., over 5 yrs. old), faded, has stains, tears, or holes.
  • We are no longer accepting maternity clothing.
  • Large bags filled with onesies, socks, bibs, etc. Please use the pages listed under the Consign tab the top of this page for the correct way to sell these items.
  • We no longer accept VHS tapes.
  • Stuffed animals (unless popular characters – Disney, Sesame Street, Dora, Build-a-Bear, etc. – LIMIT 2).
  • Grab bags of small Happy Meal/Arcade type toys
  • Perishables, such as formula, baby food, baby cereal, etc. are no longer accepted.
  • If selling bottles, please remove the nipples!
  • Unless new in sealed package:
    • Nipples for baby bottles
    • Pacifiers
    • Bath tubs/bath seats
    • Diaper Genies
    • Potties/Potty seats

For insurance reasons, we cannot accept or sell used car seats, booster seats, or car seat bases.

NOTE: Infant car seats that are part of a travel system set will be accepted. Only car seats manufactured within the past 5 years will be accepted. PLEASE DO NOT SELL A CAR SEAT THAT HAS BEEN IN AN AUTO ACCIDENT!

If you have any questions about what is acceptable, please do not hesitate to email us at info@finderskeepersjax.com.

Consignor Tips

  • Place consignor number on all items if possible, especially toys and sets that have multiple pieces (use masking tapes or small labels).
  • Secure loose/small toy items in bags and tape shut.
  • All electronic toys must be working with batteries installed.
  • When compiling clothing sets, make sure both items are the SAME size.
  • Price to sell and discount items to 50% on Saturday, when possible!
  • Choose correct colored card for your tagging, including toys, books, DVDs, puzzles, etc. (WHITE cards indicate “donate;” COLORED cards indicate “return to consignor”).
  • Use zipties to secure shoes.

Important Dates

Tuesday, June 6
Finders Keepers Fanatics Presale
Finders Keepers Cares Presale

Wednesday, June 7
Heroes Presale
Healthcare Heroes Presale

Public Sale
Wednesday, June 7
Thursday, June 8

Half Price Sales
(many items 50% off)
Friday, June 9
Finders Keepers Fanatics
Half Off Presale

Open to the public:
Friday, June 9
Saturday, June 10

Consignor Registration
April 23 – June 2

Consignor Registration

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Shopping Tips

  • Bring bags, baskets, or any large tote to carry your items.
  • We accept Cash, AmEx, Discover, MC, Visa. NO CHECKS PLEASE!
  • When purchasing large items that have a claim ticket, tear off bottom and hand to room attendant.
  • We offer a “hold” area for items to be placed while you’re shopping (2 hr max).
  • SATURDAY only, if label reads “No Disc” then those items are full price, everything else is 50%.