Tagging Basics

  • We recommend using 3×5 index cards for tags. You may cut these cards in half for smaller items.
    • IMPORTANT: Use color-coded cards to tell us if you want your items returned at the end of the sale!



  • Leave space at the top to safety pin your tag to your item.
    • NOTE: For added security, place a piece of scotch tape or packaging tape over the safety pin once it is pinned to your item.
  • Gender and Size. Write in the Gender & Size (for clothing items only) in the middle under the safety pin. Please do not use S, M, L, instead use appropriate numbered size below: 
Size  Number 
 XS  4-5
 S  6-7
 M  8-10
 L  10-12
 XL  14-16
XXL 18
  • Write in a description of the item under the size. Please put color or item, name brand, etc.
    • Examples: Green/Blue Gap shirt; Pink Striped Little Me dress. This helps us match tags to items in the event that the tag is lost!

ATTENTION RETURNING CONSIGNORS: You can use barcode labels left over from the Fall/Winter 2010 Sale.

Sell used toys Jacksonville Florida seasonal consignment

Here is an example of an actual tag:

This is a color card. This tells us return the item to the consignor if it is not sold. NOTE: This tag was made using a computer and printer. You can hand-write your information too.

The barcode sticker will print the price, consignor number, and barcode. If you specify “No Disc,” that tells us you do not want the item to be sold at half-price on Saturday.

Buy baby clothes Jacksonville Florida consignment sale


Recommended pricing is 1/3 of retail price. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself what you would pay for the item. If you’re still stuck, take a look at our pricing guide or join our FaceBook Consignors group for pricing suggestions!

Minimum item price is $2.00 and prices should be in $1.00 increments only. (i.e. $2.00, $5.00, etc.)


Our pre-printed price tag sheets already have a place for Gender/Size, description, and your barcode. An 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock will hold 6. Just pick the right color cardstock, print, cut, and write the information on your tag!

NOTE: You aren’t required to use the price tag sheet. Feel free to use index cards if you wish.

Click here to open the price tag sheet


  • CLOTHINGClothing must be on hangers with the hanger hook pointing to the left. Place the tag vertically (up & down) on the right front of the garment (use the example below as a guide). When hanging an outfit that includes pants, hang the pants with the shirt so that they can easily be seen. Here’s how: Turn the shirt around so that you are facing the back of the shirt, then safety pin the top of the pants to the shoulders of the shirt. Try to grasp the lines of the hanger in the safety pin as well, so the pants do not weigh down the shirt. If just selling pants, pin the pants to the front of the hanger (hook pointing left like a question mark) at the top angled edges of the hanger. Do not pin to the bottom of the hanger as the pants will slide to one corner. Pinning to the top edges makes your pants look good and will make them easier to sell. Limit of 150 hung items per gender.


NOTE: An exception to this is if the items are part of an outfit. (Example: shirt, pants, vest, and a hat)

Buy and sell children's clothing, toys, and baby gear at Finders Keepers Children's Consignment Sale Jacksonville, Florida


(Note how this is a hand-written tag)

Jacksonville sell clothing by consignment  
  • ONESIES AND BIBS: If you would like to sell onesies as a group, just pin them all together at each shoulder and tag on the front onesie. They are too small to be hung on hangers and this way the shoppers can see the great quality items they will be getting. Same with bibs, just use a large safety pin to group them together. We will still put these items in bins for the sale as they are too small to be hung.
  • MATERNITY: Maternity is no longer accepted.
  • TEEN: Limit of 25 hung pieces of clothing and 4 pairs of shoes. Other ‘teen’ items such as purses, bedding, decor or bags will not count towards the clothing limit. Formal Wear is also accepted.
  • SOCKS: If you would like to bag a few infant socks together where all can be inspected easily, that will be just fine. However, a bag stuffed to the brim will be turned away. If you have older children’s socks that are in excellent condition, please either sell as a pair or put 2 pair together and sell as a set pinned together for easy inspection. Secure together so the bottoms are easily inspected.
  • SHOESTie shoes together with CABLE TIES. Pin tag to cable tie or laces. Place masking tape with your consignor number inside each shoe. Shoes are limited to 8 pairs and must look like new.

**NEW** We are now accepting well-loved items!! Limit 15 hung pieces. 

This will include any sized clothes that maybe of more “play clothes” quality. This new area is designed to help the shopper navigate clothing racks that will be easily viewable without the “play” type clothes scattered within. And if you are like us, we love our play clothes too, so this way there’s an area just for that. All clothing in this section must be sold for $2 with a discount on a white card for donation. The tag must clearly state “Defect” or “Well Loved” and follow the same pricing guidelines as above. 


  • Please use clear packing tape to attach tags to toys or other items. Secure loose parts with packing tape or zipties.

          REMEMBER: Be sure to also include masking tape with your consignor # on each item

  • All toys with small pieces must be in a clear Ziploc bag with the tag taped on the bag securely. PLEASE TAPE BAGS SECURELY CLOSED! Tape and package your item as if it is going to be given to a class of kindergarteners and you don’t want them to open it.
  • BOOKS: You may group sets of books together. You can secure with rubber bands or string, or you can put them inside a Ziploc bag and tape shut. PLEASE LIST ALL BOOKS TO BE SOLD TOGETHER ON THE TAG
  • PUZZLES: Please secure puzzle pieces in a large Ziploc bag and tape to the back. Make sure you put your consignor number on the bag! Please do not tape puzzle pieces down or place barcodes on the face of the puzzle. It will tear off the picture!
  • CDs, DVDs, etc: Please make sure that the correct item is in the correct case. Please check the back of your DVD’s for scratches and cleanliness! Tape shut and add consignor tag to back of case.
  • VIDEO GAMES AND SYSTEMS: Video games and video game consoles are now displayed near the registers and no longer require video game cards.
    • IMPORTANT: Use color-coded cards to tell us if you want your items returned at the end of the sale!
  • BEDDING: Please secure all items in a large bag (either an old comforter/bedding bag or a Ziploc XL bag). List all items included to help it sell! Even better, include a picture of the set on a bed!
  • HOME DECOR/PARTY SUPPLIES: Children’s themed items are accepted. Miscellaneous items that do not fit in one of our categories will be rejected at drop off. We simply do not have the space to display all varieties of these items at the our sale. We must limit them to only current and popular children’s themes.
  • CRIBS, PLAY YARDS, HIGH CHAIRS, STROLLERS, OUTDOOR PLAY EQUIPMENT, & OTHER LARGE ITEMS: These items sell exceptionally well. However, they sell best when assembled. If you plan on bringing a similar item, please allow enough time at drop off to assemble these yourself at the sale. ALSO, if you have the instruction manual that comes with one of these items, place it in a Ziploc bag and attach it. This will really help it sell!


Finders Keepers works hard to prevent theft before it can occur. One way you can help is to put tape over the safety pins in your tags. This can prevent your tag from being removed and replaced by a tag from a less expensive item.

  • We recommend completely covering the tag and tucking the extra tape over the edge. This makes it impossible to open the safety pin without removing the tape and damaging the tag. Making the tag difficult to remove seriously discourages those trying to switch tags without being noticed. Clear packing tape is the best choice, but even Scotch Tape can help stop tag switching.


If you have items that are priced $20 or over, please print out our form, fill it out, and bring it with you to the drop off. This will expedite your drop off time. We will have these sheets available if you forget to bring yours. Thanks! Click here for the $20 and Over Form