Barcode Basics


For those of you new to barcoding or who haven’t already developed a method of your own, here are some suggestions:

  • Start by making the tags for your items.
  • As you make the cards, determine the price you want for each item and whether you will sell if for half-price on Saturday. Write that information in the bottom right-hand corner of the card (You will cover it with the barcode later).
  • Once you have written and attached all the cards to your items, it helps to use a sheet of paper to make a list of the barcodes you will need. (for example: 3 @ $2.00/ND, 5 @ $4.00, 8 @ $5.00, etc.)

HINT: Use our Barcode Worksheet to make this job even easier!

  • Now you have an easy list to use when you’re ready to order and print your barcodes. You will also have an easy system for knowing which barcodes go on which item — based on what you wrote on the tags
  • Barcode labels will print in sheets of 30.

NOTE: You will need to use 1″ x 2 5/8″ mailing labels that are compatible with Avery labels 5160 (laser) or 8160 (inkjet). This makes 30 labels per sheet.

NOTE: If you put in an order for 1 label, you will waste 29 labels on your sheet, so it’s best to wait until you have 30 labels then place an order.

NOTE: You do not have to print 30 labels of the same price — the system supports multiple prices on a single sheet.


Our pre-printed price tag sheets already have a place for Gender/Size, description, and your barcode. An 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock will hold 6. Just pick the right color cardstock, print, cut, and write the information on your tag!

NOTE: You aren’t required to use the price tag sheet. Feel free to use index cards if you wish.

Click here to open the price tag sheet


If you change your mind on the price or half-price option that you put on an item, you MUST get a new barcode. DO NOT mark out the barcode’s price or discount and change it manually. The item will scan at the checkout according to what is encoded in the barcode, not what is written on the barcode sticker.

Add your consignor number to your items! Use masking tape or small labels and handwrite your consignor number and stick near the tags of clothing and on ALL small pieces for toys, games, etc.


The consignment software we use relies on a “cookie” to help identify you while you navigate through the various services it provides our consignment sale. If your browser, or other software on your computer, blocks this cookie, you will be unable to connect and print your barcode labels. This cookie doesn’t store any personal information and it’s destroyed when you log off the website. Your privacy is not in danger!

Click here for more info on cookies and instructions on setting up your browser to use cookies for printing barcodes


When you “order” barcodes, you are telling the system what barcodes you need. This “order” is then sent to your Consignor Homepage. You will print these from home (or can download to print at a copy shop).

We do not mail your barcodes and you do not go anywhere to pick up your order!

Click here to order your barcodes!


Some people have trouble with their printer scaling the barcodes funny. The labels print okay for the first half of the page and then they start creeping up the page and not aligning right. If you’re having this problem, we’ve added a tips page to help you align your printer.

NOTE: Try printing using the FireFox browser instead of Internet Explorer — it often fixes the problem right away.

Click here for more tips on aligning your printer!

Consignor Tips

  • Place consignor number on all items if possible, especially toys and sets that have multiple pieces (use masking tapes or small labels).
  • Secure loose/small toy items in bags and tape shut.
  • All electronic toys must be working with batteries installed.
  • When compiling clothing sets, make sure both items are the SAME size.
  • Price to sell and discount items to 50% on Saturday, when possible!
  • Choose correct colored card for your tagging, including toys, books, DVDs, puzzles, etc. (WHITE cards indicate “donate;” COLORED cards indicate “return to consignor”).
  • Use zipties to secure shoes.

Important Dates

Public Sale
Thursday, June 4
Friday, June 5
Half Price Sale
(many items 50% off)
Saturday, June 6
Consignor Registration

Consignor Registration

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Shopping Tips

  • Bring bags, baskets, or any large tote to carry your items.
  • We accept Cash, AmEx, Discover, MC, Visa. NO CHECKS PLEASE!
  • When purchasing large items that have a claim ticket, tear off bottom and hand to room attendant.
  • We offer a “hold” area for items to be placed while you’re shopping (2 hr max).
  • SATURDAY only, if label reads “No Disc” then those items are full price, everything else is 50%.