Restocking Information

What is a restocking consignor?

There simply is not enough room to showcase more than 400 consignors’ wonderful items. A restocking consignor is anyone who registers after the 400 consignor cap has been met. During restocking, shoppers are literally grabbing restocking items off the tables to purchase on the spot!! Restocking is still a great opportunity to sell your items while still enjoying all the perks of regular consigning! All restocking items are on the floor for our first public shopping day, which is one of our busiest days!

What’s the difference between a restocker and a regular consignor?

There are a few differences. Restocking consignors’ items are put on the floor Wednesday evening instead of Monday. Restockers also pay a reduced fee of $8 instead of the normal fee of $12. 

Are there limits to what I can consign as a restocking consignor?

Restocking consignors can consign the same items as regular consignors, however, there is a lower limit for clothing – 100 hung items per gender. All other accepted items can be consigned.

When do restockers drop off?

Restockers drop off their items during normal drop off days/times. You will be directed to the stage where your items will be quality checked and stored for restocking.

Do restockers still get to shop early?

Yes! All registered consignors enjoy early shopping on Tuesday, August 27th from 10am-8pm. If you haven’t picked up consignor passes then your name will be on a list at the door.

Can restockers volunteer?

Absolutely! Volunteers enjoy early shopping the day before consignors on Monday, April 1st. Head over to our Volunteer Information page for more information. You can sign up for volunteer shifts from the Consignor Homepage.

Consignor Tips

  • Place consignor number on all items if possible, especially toys and sets that have multiple pieces (use masking tapes or small labels).
  • Secure loose/small toy items in bags and tape shut.
  • All electronic toys must be working with batteries installed.
  • When compiling clothing sets, make sure both items are the SAME size.
  • Price to sell and discount items to 50% on Saturday, when possible!
  • Choose correct colored card for your tagging, including toys, books, DVDs, puzzles, etc. (WHITE cards indicate “donate;” COLORED cards indicate “return to consignor”).
  • Use zipties to secure shoes.

Important Dates

Consignor Registration
June 2 – Aug. 23
Public Sale
Thursday, Aug. 29
Friday, Aug. 30
Half Price Sale
(many items 50% off)
Saturday, Aug. 31

Consignor Registration

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